Fishing For Spanish Sardines – Not A Normal Canaveral Charter

Posted: Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Kingfish Fishing Port Canaveral, Florida

On Wednesday I had aboard my friend Troy Denson, owner of Mount This Fish Company and his guest Judd Swanson, an architect from Houston Museum of Natural Science.  The sole purpose of our fishing trip was to catch spanish sardine bait fish.  Our local fishing fleet calls these baits “scaleys” and they can commonly be found on offshore wrecks or in huge bait balls migrating through open water.

Once we arrived to our first spot we quickly captured our specimens which Troy and Judd took measurements and video recorded for an upcoming project of 600-800 spanish sardine replicas.  The baitfish will be molded and then the molds will be used to create fish mount replicas off all different sized sardines will be created and assembled for a rotating bait ball display.

After our mission was officially successful, we decided to see if any of our leftover baits could muster up a few King Mackerels, also locally called Kingfish.  We fished for about and hour and a half and landed 4 very nice fish.  The largest weighing 44lbs gutted. Overall it was a very unusual charter with a very productive outcome.  Call now to book your trip!