A Break In The Weather – Headed Offshore Fishing

Posted: Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Its early and I am up and getting ready for today’s Charter.  Today the seas are finally favorable for fishing after nearly a week of heaving winds and some nasty thunderstorms.  My original charter actually backed out earlier in the week with all the bad weather we were having but this morning I got a call from another charter fishing captain who’s boat was having some motor issues at the dock so he sent the charter my way.  So today I’m off and on my way to Port Canaveral to fire up “The Obsession” and head offshore into the deep blue sea in hopes of catching some giant King Mackeral, like the one pictured, and there is a good chance we might run into a few Mahi Mahi as well since last week our waters saw an epic Mahi Mahi (aka Dolphin or Dorado) bite which hopefully is still here.  I do have a few spots open in the next couple days.  Fill out the contact form if you are interested or give me a call. If I can’t grab my phone offshore I will call you back as soon as I hit the docs.

Have a great day,

Capt. Brent